I discovered a box of cassette tapes while clearing out my loft when moving house.  I recorded these in the 80’s from BBC Radio shows, including Radio 1’s John Peel sessions and Radio 3’s ‘Jazz in Britain’.

Considering the fact that BBC had a habit of destroying analogue tape in those halcyon pre-digital days, there was a likelihood that these recordings may not have survived.  I therefore felt it essential to digitise for fans of the Canterbury genre.  The sound is still of good quality, considering the time passed.  What is also evident, is that Elton Dean is clearly deranged.

Track listing:

  1. In Cahoots – Second Sight
  2. In Cahoots – Your Root Two
    • From BBC Radio 3’s ‘Jazz in Britain’ 14.11.83
  3. National Health – The Collapso
  4. National Health – A Legend in His Own Lunchtime
    • From BBC Radio 1’s John Peel Sessions 1977
  5. Soft Heap – Toot de Sweet
    • From BBC Radio 3’s ‘Jazz in Britain’ 25.07.83

Link to Files HERE